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Railside at The Forks

Scatliff + Miller + Murray is the Forks Renewal Corporation’s (FRC) lead planning and development advisors, overseeing the integrated planning process for Railside at The Forks.  The intent of the Railside at The Forks Master Plan is to advance an innovative and sustainable 20-year vision for the redevelopment of the Railside lands, based on bold environmental, social and economic objectives and targets.

Totaling nearly 12 acres of brownfield, the Railside lands are comprised of two of the largest surface parking lots in downtown Winnipeg.  The planned redevelopment will result in the transformation of the Railside lands into a complete, high-density, mixed-use neighbourhood that builds on the rich amenities of The Forks and is consistent with The Forks’ founding mandate of ‘creating a welcoming place’.

SMM has assisted FRC in all aspects of this planning process to date, from public consultation to planning and design development. Working in conjunction with the City of Winnipeg and Province of Manitoba, SMM has also played a significant role in enabling the TIF (tax increment financing) designation and facilitating discussions with potential private development partners. In addition, SMM has been actively engaged with the City of Winnipeg and Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) in seeking support through FCM’s Green Municipal Fund to prepare a Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Plan as part of the comprehensive planning process.