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We Make Customs Clearance Simple.

For more than 35 years, A.D. Rutherford International customs brokers have specialized in customs filing and clearance across the Canada and U.S border. We provide superior importing, exporting and logistics solutions to ensure that your goods cross the border in a timely manner.

Serving Canada and the U.S., we work with clients of any size from personal shipments to large-scale commercial operations with regular importing and exporting needs. We ensure proper handling of goods and accurate processing of all paperwork for everything that is declared and needs to clear customs.

With the highest level of service we specialize in eliminating barriers and creating personal solutions for your cross-border logistics. Our flexibility is our advantage. We offer customized service and brokerage rate plans to ensure that our client’s needs are fully met.

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Please note effective June 29th, 2020 our new address is:

A.D. Rutherford International
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