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J. Richardson International Airport Master Plan

SMM prepared a conceptual landscape Master Plan to provide the Winnipeg Airport Authority with a vision and framework to guide development of the James Armstrong Richardson International Airport Campus. From sweeping vistas of prairie lowlands to the richly diverse boreal landscape, local materials, indigenous plantings and regional settings serve as inspiration for the character and forms of the precincts that define and differentiate the campus.

Scatliff + Miller + Murray (SMM) guided the development of the James Armstrong Richardson International Airport Campus during its early stages, providing a clear framework and vision.

The overall layout of the Master Plan depicts the diverse character of the regional landscape through a variety of visitor experiences and site features highlighting indigenous plantings and local materials. The pageantry and ceremony of the entry, arrival, and departure experiences, strategically framed vistas, landmark features, pedestrian plazas and site amenities will have a design lexis that typifies the regional qualities of Manitoba’s landscapes.

The conceptual landscape Master Plan was designed to be used as a guiding framework for future development and planning decisions to ensure that all aspects of development have a clearly defined site character consistent with the overall vision.

Subsequently we were on the winning teams for implementation, working closely with AECOM & Stantec for the entire site design.